Business assurance

The regulatory landscape presents challenges and opportunities for firms. Proactively gaining assurance that your products and services are robust yet business-enabling can result in good customer outcomes and higher standards of regulatory compliance. Proactive assurance can also enhance the suitability of products, processes and services for all of your firm’s current and future customers.
Huntswood’s proven expertise and flexible services in business assurance mean we can assist firms in mitigating risk and gaining operational peace of mind across even the most diverse product range.

  • New business checking

    Gain assurance that propositions are suitable for target consumers and keep customer outcomes at the forefront of your approach

  • Compliance monitoring

    Take a proactive approach to compliance and meet regulatory requirements while lessening risks to your firm and its customers

  • Outcomes testing

    Place customers at the heart of your firm by ensuring that products are built on meaningful customer insight

  • Regulatory due diligence

    Gain expert support when acquiring or selling a business to understand and effectively mitigate the risks involved

  • Paraplanning

    Delegate administrative work to paraplanners and spend more time with clients while making advice provision more sustainable

  • Financial promotions review

    Obtain assurance that your financial promotions are fair, clear and not misleading while ensuring they achieve maximum impact

  • Culture assessment and organisational development

    Ensure you've considered all factors in your pursuit of a business-enabling yet customer-centric approach to internal culture

  • Loss and fraud identification and recovery

    Build a robust approach using cutting-edge technology blended with regulatory and recovery expertise

  • FCR regulatory advisory and assurance

    Ensure effective financial crime risk (FCR) oversight while still enabling your business to operate efficiently

  • Internal audit

    Establish the capability to perform internal audits promptly while providing the correct level of oversight