Mitigate risk with robust process and controls


Anti-money laundering is a constantly evolving landscape, with the 5th AML Directive expected to be finalised in mid-2018 and implemented in late 2019, following on quickly from the implementation of the 4th directive in 2017. Extending the industry reach of the regulation and the availability of information means firms need to have agile and flexible systems, processes and controls in place.

Our regulatory expertise can help to support your firm in translating the requirements of regulatory change into practical solutions tailored to your needs and your current approach. Our Financial Crime Advisory Panel brings extensive, senior-level experience to support our team. We have the technology and specialist resource to deliver the solutions into your business effectively and efficiently.


Our AML solution spans three key areas which will be adapted to meet the specific needs of your firm to ensure your AML risks are managed effectively and efficiently.

  • Expertise to advise and assure - we assist firms to develop a robust approach to both mitigate and manage the risks of money laundering and terrorist financing. We assess firms’ governance, systems and controls to evaluate the effectiveness of their current approach and help implement solutions to add. We are experienced at supporting firms to design, implement, test and operate all aspects of their anti-money laundering controls
  • Technology and data analytics to enhance controls - our workflow automation and robotics capabilities enable highly efficient, cost effective and high quality processing. Our technology is able to automate any or all parts of the cleansing, screening and first stage investigation process to provide 10x higher efficiency and increased quality inputs for further investigations
  • Skilled and experienced resource to deliver the right outcomes - we are able to provide the resource needed to complete manual screening and investigations for either a batch process or on an ongoing basis. Our solution is flexible to provide the resource needed to complete these investigations at your site or on a Huntswood site dependent on your needs

Key Benefits

  • Gain assurance over your firm’s current approach, implementation plan and future approach

  • Mitigate regulatory and reputational risk through identifying and addressing any areas of non-compliance early

  • Create a more effective operating model by effective use of robotics and skilled resource to support or outsource your existing function


Why Huntswood

Comprehensive understanding of AML from a regulatory and operational perspective

Expertise and understanding of best practices to deliver the right balance of human resource and technology

Tailored solution – able to support on all aspects or specific elements as required