With the plethora of different qualifications, knowledge, experience and role requirements within regulated industries, your search for the perfect role in this area can be a challenge.

As well as this, it can be difficult to know where your specialist skills might be put to best use; i.e. which roles will be the most rewarding financially and in terms of career progression and job satisfaction. You could also feel like you are ‘typecast’ in your current role due to the specificity of your knowledge.

When it comes to making the most of your marketable skills, a specialist recruiter may be the answer. Huntswood have been matching candidates to their ideal roles across regulated industry since 1996, and, because of the deep knowledge of our team, using us to find your next role can really help you get the most out of your job search.


In-depth industry knowledge
Using Huntswood means you will have the advantage of a knowledgeable industry expert representing your interests. If you’re a specialist with expertise in a regulatory discipline, then working with a recruiter whose experience reflects your own will tangibly benefit your job search, as it will be easier to have honest and informed conversations about what you are seeking.

Extending your network
Don’t underestimate the high calibre contacts you can make through a good recruiter. This is especially true when working with Huntswood. Because we are selective about the roles we recommend for you, you will be perusing better quality roles and speaking to industry contacts that are well aligned to your knowledge and experience. 

This is something that can be more of a challenge to achieve if your recruitment agent is less discerning about the roles they recommend, or you are attempting to find a new role yourself.

Early alerts to opportunities
Once we know what you are looking for, then you will hear of suitable upcoming opportunities before other candidates in the wider market. It can even be the case that a client doesn’t have a clearly specified role, but knows the skillset they are looking for – you’re not likely to find these kinds of roles through a quick web search!

A trusted opinion
A great recruiter knows that if they don’t find you a job that suits your needs, or if they try to put your CV forward to any and all comers, they will likely lose out in the end – both with you and their clients. 

Huntswood always give honest opinions on your suitability for a role, the standard of your experience and the quality of your CV. You can take advantage of this by getting recommendations on how to tailor your CV in the right way for each role, increasing your chances of being called for interview.

Better preparation for the role
Huntswood will always give you the vital advice you need to be a success during the interview process – because of our strong relationships with our clients, we can tell you more about what they require from a prospective candidate, and more about the culture of the firm you’re interviewing with. This way, you can be better equipped to answer any challenging questions and, importantly, ask more insightful questions during your interview.

Ensuring you’re paid what you’re worth
Many candidates feel uncomfortable negotiating salary directly with a prospective firm. With Huntswood, you will be able to have open conversations about the wage being offered and whether it is suitable and sufficient for your level of expertise.

Good recruitment consultants, like Huntswood, know their market, and they know whether your expertise is worthy of better financial rewards. They also know when their clients are offering a competitive wage. In both of these scenarios, we will weigh up the needs of our client and what you can bring to the role so you will be able to go forward with confidence that not only is your decision to apply a good one, but that if offered the role you will be paid what your expertise warrants.


When it comes to finding the best regulatory role for you, whether you are currently looking to branch out and find a new direction or you want to use your depth of experience to its full potential, Huntswood will give you the support you need.

If you’re confident about your career goals, don’t be apprehensive about picking up the phone and having a conversation about how we can help you achieve them.

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