What makes Huntswood contractors unique?


Here are three reasons why our contractors are highly regarded:

1. They are highly competent from day one

For anything up to the first six weeks of an assignment, our contractors will go through in-depth training. That way, our clients know that everybody we place is fully competent for the project in hand. We call this the “route to competency”, and the learning curve is steep - contractors often find themselves working long hours. The payoff though, is that they all come away feeling that their speed and confidence has increased. And this means that they are much more competent and ready to hit the ground running.

2. They have a ‘get it done’ attitude

While they are contracted to complete a task to your deadlines, all our contractors are managed by Huntswood. And we ensure that they work the hours required to get things done. A Huntswood contractor doesn’t have the typical 9-5 mentality - they are made of stronger stuff.

3. They are committed

Our clients spend time and money introducing, training and coaching new members of a project. So all of our contractors commit to seeing an assignment through to the end. And while most of our projects typically last three to six months, it is the same even on a project that might last a few weeks to a whole year.