Preparing for interviews


Here are a few things to think about before you walk into your interview:

  • It sounds obvious, but get there on time. And look smart. It’s amazing how many people fail to create a good first impression
  • Look for opportunities to build rapport with the interviewer. If an interviewer makes a personal connection with you, it counts for a lot (sometimes even more than your experience)
  • If there’s something you think will make you stand out, create an opportunity to say it. What is your unique selling point?
  • Have some questions ready. Get your interviewer speaking too – an interview is a two-way thing and your engagement will demonstrate your interest and enthusiasm for the role, and the organisation

And what not to do in an interview…

As recruitment specialists, we’ve seen some interesting approaches. So we thought we’d highlight some things not to do – using some real life examples from over the years:

  • Turning up to an interview without considering your personal appearance is not advisable. Always look the part. You are applying for a professional role, so a suit, shirt and tie, and a pair of polished shoes is the way to go
  • Consider how you answer that dreaded question that everybody gets asked at some point: “What are your weaknesses?”. We’re looking for honesty, and the fact that you recognise the areas that you need to develop in. However, “I’m not very good at…” is not the right approach. With a little planning, you can use a weakness to show how passionate you are about self-improvement 
  • Don’t stand out too much. Be yourself - literally. Your personality counts for a lot here at Huntswood. But don’t go over the top like one candidate did, and change your name to that of your favourite cartoon character. This will most likely result in you failing your assessment
  • Don’t go AWOL - always make a call. Failing to turn up to an interview without calling is a big red flag. Sadly, this just results in you being considered unreliable