Five top tips for writing a stand out CV


1. Put the relevant information first

The fact is, the first third of your CV is usually what gets you an interview.

2. Make it relevant

Prioritise the skills and experience that a particular role requires. Don’t use the same CV for everything - tailor it to each position you apply for.  However, do not exclude any employment that you have had.

3. Emphasise your achievements

Talk about what you have achieved. It doesn’t matter if that’s in or outside of work. Many people only include a list of their responsibilities - and this says little about them and what they are capable of.

4. Make it easy to read

Keep things short and concise. Use bullet points rather than long lists. Consider leaving some white space for the person that’s reviewing your CV to scribble notes in.

5. Keep it factual and accurate

Your CV must be a true reflection of you. Make sure facts are accurate (particularly employment dates) and fill in any gaps where you were not working.  We work in a predominantly regulated area and as such we need to be able to fully reference your history.  Excluding employment (or adding it) is considered application fraud.