• Our client experienced a significant increase in the number of regulated complaints; a backlog had formed and the percentage of cases breaching regulatory guidelines was increasing. Our client’s strong customer focus was being compromised so its key objective was to regain control and improve its service.
  • There were insufficient resource operating in our client’s existing team. An internal restructure resulted in the loss of a large number of experienced resource.
  • It required the rapid provision of complaint-handling resource. In light of this, any additional resources brought in were required to hold relevant financial qualifications. Furthermore, the support team needed to be able to identify and exploit opportunities for improvement.
  • The aims of the project were to: provide experienced resource; ensure the resource achieved the required competence levels; provide management oversight, delivering required production to the desired quality standards, and adhere to existing complaint handling policy, and T&C requirements; identify opportunities to improve the existing process; and create a ‘buffer’ to reduce the operational impact of necessary recruitment and training of new staff.


  • Our on-site management team was already familiar with the client’s operation and understood the regulatory framework. We also ensured that the Operations Manager had strong experience in both complaints management and change delivery. Our client could focus on the key deliverables as they knew we were completing the work in a compliant manner.
  • We mobilised a team of 22 experienced and qualified reviewers within a week. We restricted the number of managers to a minimum to create a versatile unit with a "hands on" approach.
  • Within the first month, our team had gained competency in all areas of the review handling process and was successfully dealing with the new volume of complaints being received.
  • We also identified and presented multiple opportunities to streamline and improve the existing working practices.
  • We worked collaboratively to design, pilot and roll out the improved processes to the team.


  • Despite the volume of complaints increasing, the project team ensured the volume of customers awaiting a response reduced to acceptable levels.
  • The percentage of cases breaching regulatory timescales for resolution reduced dramatically and the number of cases being resolved at point of entry was increased. This success was due to improved efficiency gained through the suggestions made by our team. Each person was completing double the number of cases to the required standard.
  • Our team continues to support our client as they recruit and train internal staff. Alongside providing operational certainty, we are also assisting with the interview process and the delivery of training material.