• Our client, a telecommunications provider, has 3,500 employees and contributes over £4 billion of revenue per annum. The company provides IT communication network solutions (fixed lines, mobile, TV and broadband) to 800 of the UK’s leading communication providers who repackage their products to sell to customers. The firm also provides private circuits and broadband across global services.
  • We were engaged to develop a communications and training programme as our client wanted its employees to understand who their customers were, their expectations of the organisation and what they could do as individuals and teams to ensure an effective, agile and dynamic customer experience.


  • We engaged in meetings with key stakeholders across the business to ensure understanding and commitment to the programme. Senior executives appointed teams from their areas to work alongside us.
  • We created a series of customised workshops consisting of realistic customer scenarios (recreated on film with actors), customer interviews, a survey that highlighted the key issues and innovative team activities which encouraged people to discuss what is important for its customers and confirm the actions employees would take personally as a result.
  • All 3,500 staff attended the workshops delivered by line managers which lasted between 90 and 120 minutes. The workshops were tailored to reflect the different roles of the firm’s employees working in different business units and the varied functions in the business units. Whilst the content of the workshops differed, the structure remained the same.
  • The workshops were designed in a format that was simple to deliver so that line managers were able to deliver the training effectively.


  • Our programme reached the final of the National Training Awards after achieving the following results:
    1. Our client’s people behaviour index score (containing questions relating directly to behaviours included in the training) showed an improvement from 69.2 to 77.9 out of 100.0
    2. In a post-workshop survey, individuals received an average score of 8.9 out of 10 for understanding what customer’s expect and 8.7 out of 10 for showing what each individual can personally do to improve customer experience
  • At the end of each workshop, people committed themselves to three individual activities that would make a difference to their customers’ experience. These activities were included in each individual’s personal development plans so that their performance could be monitored.
  • The programme exceeded expectations by delivering results above target. The company’s overall customer satisfaction index score increased to 75.9, 1.5 points above target and a 2.9 point improvement on the previous year, which resulted in a 4.8 increase in the likelihood of customers recommending the firm to others.