• Our client sells income protection insurance and buildings, contents, and landlords insurance through intermediaries and directly to the public through its inbound and outbound call centres. All sales are non-advised.
  • Our client decided to implement a customer outcome focused quality assurance (QA) framework in 2013 to align its conduct with that of the firm’s peer group.
  • Due to our well-established relationship with the peer group, we were engaged to conduct a series of monitoring reviews to assess the degree to which the QA framework continued to be embedded within the firm, how effectively fair customer outcomes were being delivered, and the progress of the firm in relation to market best practice amongst the company’s peer group.


  • With an agreed methodology, we conducted a desk based review of key documentation; carried out interviews with selected staff, and assessed 15 sales and retention calls in conjunction with their associated outcome testing tool score sheets.
  • The components included in our review were the operation of the QA procedures, including an associated “Aide Memoire”; the structure of the QA function; and the effectiveness of the management information (MI) pack, particularly as an enabler for executive challenge.
  • We recommended a new QA framework to measure how effectively customer service representatives were able to deliver a good experience whilst ensuring customers received the product that was right for their needs.
  • With the new QA framework relying more on judgement than yes or no ‘tick-box’ responses, in-depth training, coaching, support and practise was needed to embed the required changes.


  • Following our submission of a regulatory assurance report and subsequent engagement with senior management, our client recognised that a significant culture change was required to move from a transactional, sales-focused operation to one that is outcomes-focused and places the customer experience at the heart of the business.
  • Our findings and recommendations resulted in the updating of scripts and MI, alongside convincing the firm to revisit and change its vision and values to make them more customer-centric.
  • As a result of our work, we were asked to undertake a similar project with its parent, which sells over 100 general insurance products through 100 companies on both an advised and non-advised basis.