FOS complaints data H1 2019

Regulatory update: FOS complaints data H1 2019

Emotional intelligence in complaints

‘Emotional Intelligence’ and why it’s vital for your complaints team

Make it easy to be a customer
Customer Servicing

Guest Article: “Make it easy to be a customer” – The key to good customer experience

Progress on official receiver ppi claims

Regulatory update: Progress on Official Receiver PPI claims

Getting back on track rail firms customer confidence
Operational Excellence

Getting back on track – how rail firms can recover and increase customer confidence

First point contact complaints resolution

“Get it right the first time” – Aiming for 'first point of contact' complaints resolution

Guidance firms fair treatment vulnerable customers
Vulnerable customers

Regulatory update: Guidance for firms on the fair treatment of vulnerable customers

Complaints outlook 2019 background

White Paper: Complaints Outlook 2019

PPI 7 weeks Insight 308 176

The end of the PPI era – Staying on target through the last seven weeks

Compalints excellence infographic 308 176

Infographic: Are you really delivering complaints excellence?

The real consequences of poor complaints handling 1 308 176

The real consequences of poor complaints handling

Coldcalling Insight 308 176
Customer Servicing

Regulatory update: The FCA’s ‘Dear CEO’ letter to Claims Management Companies

FOS 2018 20 Insight V2 308 176
General regulation

Regulatory update: Financial Ombudsman Service Annual Review 2018 / 19

TC Travel Insight 308 176
Customer Servicing

Fair’s fair – A response to the ‘Small Print, Big Difference’ campaign

Quiet ones Insight 308 176

The quiet ones – Reaching out to non-complainants

FOS Insight 308 176

How to reduce complaints as FOS raises the stakes

Utilities Insight 308 176

Infographic: The price of getting complaints wrong in Utilities

Root cause analysis mortgage complaints 308 176

The challenge of undertaking strategic root cause analysis on mortgage complaints

H2 2018 Insight 308 176

A change in direction? – FCA H2 2018 complaints data

How do you stack up Blog 308 176

How do you stack up? – Effective benchmarking of complaints performance

Co icon journey


The Complaints Outlook 2021

Actionable insight for every stage of the complaints journey




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