The average person on the street may not realise the sheer volume of customer contact that a large business has to deal with during any given working hour. Who isn't frustrated when they're put in a call-waiting queue? 

However, if your firm has the resources to quickly respond to their call and resolve their issue or inquiry on the spot you’re well on your way to developing a positive advocate for your business and a loyal customer.


Huntswood understands the pressure that contact centres are under to answer every phone call, every email and every letter. Handling such tremendous volumes on behalf of our clients has been at the core of our service list for the better part of two decades – and we’ve become pretty good at it, if we do say so ourselves.

We are able to rapidly deploy trained, vetted and well-prepared resource who can either pick up ‘overspill’ volumes or handle your customer contact centre completely. This can be delivered on your site, or managed on Huntswood premises, with dedicated project space available and all the technology, infrastructure and governance required to deliver good customer outcomes.



Telephone white

Inbound and outbound telephony via our dedicated contact centre

Headset white

Inbound and outbound offline mailing via our dedicated mailroom

Web embrace white

Digital communications capability – everything from SMS messaging to chatbots

Process black white

We'll help your firm deliver a truly multichannel and omni-channel experience

Robotics white

Robotic Process Automation can take repetitive, labour-intensive tasks such as data gathering and organisation from human hands, so that they can focus on customers' needs

Cogs white

Huntswood's case management and workflow systems keep your team on track and help them to maximise every interaction (while providing invaluable insight to management)

The whole Huntswood team has proven to be professional and efficient within every work stream presented to them, with the biggest asset of the team being their versatility while still maintaining above expectation performance.

Head of Retail Innovation Team, leading UK retail bank

The project has run incredibly smoothly, which reflects great planning and great commitment to pro-actively resolve any issues … Good collaborative planning was at the heart of the operation. It primarily ensured our customers received an outstanding service but also helped us convey confidence to regulator and all the internal stakeholders.

Operations Director, leading UK merchandise retailer

Huntswood is able to handle rapidly changing priorities and react quickly to our needs and also challenge us on proposed course of action and the implications involved.

Senior Manager, Customer Service Recovery, leading UK retail bank

Our challenge … has been extremely demanding and Huntswood has had to deal with a rapid upsizing of the ongoing engagements, taking the number of deployed staff from an initial 16 to 174 in a very short space of time. The hassle-free experience has been testament to Huntswood’s organisational and management skills.

Senior Manager, Customer Service Recovery, leading UK retail bank

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