Many firms want to avoid receiving complaints if they can help it. A complaint, after all, means that something has gone wrong in the relationship between the firm and customer, and no business wants that to happen.

In reality, businesses should be encouraging complainants to come forward. Complaints provide a great opportunity for firms to improve relationships with individual customers and learn from mistakes.

Through our two decades of research and experience we’ve come to one simple conclusion:

A great complaints department can be the difference between a thriving firm blessed with loyal customers and one fighting a war of attrition.

Whenever a firm experiences an uplift in customer complaints, or wants an independent team to manage the day-to-day inflow, Huntswood can rapidly put effective solutions in place.

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The Complaints Outlook 2021

Actionable insight for every stage of the complaints journey




We offer multiple streams of complaints support:





Ensuring complaints are dealt with quickly and efficiently increases long-term customer loyalty, results in positive advocacy and encourages further business. We help firms achieve complaints excellence by:

  • Setting up and managing fully outsourced customer complaints operations
  • Recruiting operational and regulatory experts on an interim or permanent basis
  • Providing large-scale short-term resource for management on Huntswood premises or your site, including robust project governance for all client-site engagements
  • Using data analytics and automating information gathering to provide end-to-end time savings of up to 15% and reducing the time taken to order information by as much as 65%
  • Delivering robust operational training across your business so that staff remain aligned to the organisation’s goals


Complaints rules pose ongoing challenges for firms in terms of governance, structure, operating model, processes, culture and training. We support firms in this area by:

  • Reviewing your complaints operating model to uncover efficiencies
  • Assessing and improving governance arrangements, providing independent assurance, and performing complaints benchmarking so you can fully understand your performance
  • Imparting the relevant training and awareness to staff at all levels, from the frontline to senior management and the board





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We provide a complete 'one-stop-shop' service – from embedding a robust complaints approach to training to undertaking effective outcomes testing

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We offer value for money – helping you meet regulatory requirements and drive good customer outcomes without over-engineering the solution

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We work in collaboration with you and, through meticulous scoping and planning, tailor our solutions to maximise the benefits to your business and customers

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We are renowned for developing, resourcing and delivering complaints-related programmes at short notice

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We are able to scale back or increase our resource and operations as required. In addition, we can provide flexible office space, resource and management oversight

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Flexible working

We enable our workforce with flexible in-office or remote capabilities that cater for various scenarios.

96% of firms believe that complainants can be turned into advocates

Only 57% of firms feel they are turning complainants into advocates

1/3 satisfied complainants will share their experience with friends and family

Firms are exceeding complainants' expectations in only 1 in 100 cases

Case study:

Supporting the UK’s largest energy provider to clear a significant complaints backlog

Huntswood was engaged to support in clearing a backlog in complaints as well as taking on a portion of BAU work

Read our case study

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