Board evaluation

The changes to the UK Corporate Governance Code are far-reaching in some areas and reflect the Government’s broad social reform agenda and desire to restore trust in UK business. Culture, diversity and inclusion as well as good governance are key to the changes and these attributes are reflected in Huntswood’s approach. The Huntswood Board Evaluation team consists of experienced specialists who have:

  • Been engaged in board evaluations
  • Served on boards
  • Worked with boards
  • Coached board members
  • Evaluated and advised boards through their work as regulators and senior executives
  • Earned recognition as governance, risk and regulatory advisers.

By working in partnership with our clients, we take a respectful, candid, pragmatic and commercial approach which delivers on commitments. Our recommendations are clear, prioritised and proportionate. Our aim is to nurture a desire for improvement and learning amongst board members.

To read more about Huntswood’s approach to board evaluation, click on this link.

Board awareness workshops

To help boards understand the risks and opportunities for their businesses, Huntswood has developed a programme of nine short workshops designed to outline what topics like - measuring and managing culture, customer vulnerability, senior management accountability and awareness and anti-money laundering and sanctions - means for firms and what actions boards should take to minimise the risks and tackle the challenges.

Interactive workshops are delivered as a stand-alone session or as part of a firm’s board meeting. They last between 1 and 1½ hours and are presented by in-house subject matter experts and members of Huntswood’s advisory panels who specialise in the topic under discussion.

For further details read our Board Awareness brochure. 

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