Technology delivery and data analytics


Technology is part of the fabric of Huntswood. It is integral to the solutions we deliver to clients, enabling and complementing the knowledge and experience of human resources to create efficient and effective processes.

Importantly, the provision of robust management information enables your business to make sound and timely decisions with confidence.



At the core of our approach is our robotics-enabled work management system - ensuring work is delivered on time, on budget and meets your quality standards.

It combines intelligent automation with workflow management to process increased case volumes with higher quality, which leads to a reduction in overall cost. It also optimises use of resources and enables specialists to spend more time where their knowledge and experience are most valuable.

As you would expect, all of our technology services have oversight from our ISO27001 accredited processes and latest generation cyber tools, monitored by our Cyber Security team.

Our robotics programmes create efficiency improvements through reducing timescales for task completion:


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