Huntswood has an electronic timesheet system designed to capture and manage timesheets and the production of self-billing invoices. A series of guides have been produced for the different roles who interact with the system, providing detailed information and a step-by-step guide to completion of timesheets.

All associates should complete their timesheet daily with:

  • Start and end time – this should represent actual time worked (not a cut and paste from the previous day)
  • Details of any breaks – any breaks taken during the working day must be recorded accurately on the time sheet, which should be at least 30 minutes a day

At the end of each week associates must submit their timesheet for approval. This should be done by 10am every Monday for the previous week.

Your role is to ensure that worked hours have been recorded accurately prior to approving the timesheet. The ‘Timesheet Approver Guide’ provides step-by-step instructions on completing the approval process. You should aim to have all time approved as early as possible in the day, but by close of business each Monday at the latest.

In addition to the guidance above, and the timesheet guide handouts, an important aspect of this review must also focus on the hours worked by your team members. In the event that associates are unable to meet the production and quality targets required, Team Leaders should provide support, help and guidance to ensure that any development needs are addressed to support ongoing success on the engagement. Huntswood does not want associates to be working excessive hours, nor working on ‘non-core’ days (except where this has been pre-approved with the client – e.g. overtime). In the event of this happening, Huntswood would expect you to have a conversation with the associate to establish the root cause of the need for additional hours. Following this, as a minimum (i.e. you may need to consider Service Improvement Plans, a review of targets, etc) a comment should be placed in the comments box of the timesheet to provide a high-level overview of that conversation. If you are unsure about any aspect of this (i.e. excessive hours, under-billing, insufficient support), you must escalate this to the EM/SDM prior to approval.

In accordance with the contract requirements the associate will not be paid without approved timesheets.

The EM/SDM is responsible for ensuring that client approvers follow this approach, and will provide support where required.

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